ExpiredPaint the Girls Night Out


Wednesday, October 24, 7:00 p.m.

“Paint the Girls” to Sponsor a Squeeze

Cajun Canvas partners with Yes, Maam! Mammograms Are A Must® for a special event, to bring awareness to the importance of early detection for breast cancer and honor breast cancer survivors. Create the painting you want, by using your breasts or your brushes — whatever celebrates you, a survivor or a loved one battling the disease. Proceeds from the evening will go toward funding mammograms for uninsured women in Mecklenburg County.


What subject matter will we be painting?

This will not be like our traditional classes where you follow step-by-step instructions to complete a specific painting.  You will have total freedom to create whatever you would like. To help keep things moving, please bring with you print-outs, pictures, or sketches of what you would like to put on your canvas … knowing what colors that you would like to use is very helpful, as well.  Our Artists will be here to help you along with your painting.


“Paint with Breasts or Brushes,” what is that about?

You will have the option of creating a painting using brushes only, or in the true ‘Paint the Girls’ style, use brushes AND your breasts.

Breasts:  Our ‘Paint the Girls’ Night Out class typically is one where you paint either a portion or all of your painting with your breasts.  You get to choose how much you want to do with a paint brush, or breasts.

  • The ‘Impression’ Method:  The background of your painting is painted on with a brush. You will then make impressions on the canvas with paint using your breasts, (you can make as few or as many impressions that you want, no rules).  These impressions can stand alone, or become the focal point of the painting.  A few examples are: eye of the peacock feather, body of fish, wheels on a bike, flowers, the center of a flower, billiard balls, lady bugs, etc.  Anything that originates as a circle can be the focal point of your impression.  After the impression is made, you will complete the painting using brushes.
  • The ‘Abstract’ Method:  An abstract is created by applying different color paint, in any pattern, directly to the canvas.  You will use ‘the Girls’ to move the paint around to cover the canvas.  The paint responds beautifully to the soft breast tissue…..very cool.

Brushes: Now if you are too shy to let ‘The Girls’ have a go at the painting, you are welcome to complete your painting entirely using brushes.  This is a no-judgment zone.

Side Note: Ladies, I have to tell you that this is actually one of the coolest things that I have ever done.  It isn’t creepy, or weird.   Once you begin moving the paint around, and see how the paint responds to your body, then completing the painting…..well, it is kind of empowering.  I think it is definitely a “Bucket List Item.”


Where do we do the Painting with Breast portion of the class?

We have the bathroom, and the back of the studio set up so ‘The Girls’ can do their artistic thing. This will afford you total privacy.



Cost: $35.00   No Discounts*

* This class is a special event; it is NOT a regular class. No discounts, daily deals, or coupons, will be accepted for this class.
Admission provides you with all of the supplies and help needed to complete a painting on a 16×20 inch canvas.

A portion of the proceeds from the painting will be donated to the Carolinas Breast Cancer Fund, which provides for screening mammography for uninsured women in Mecklenburg County.
Yes, Ma
am! Mammograms Are A Must® will have T-shirts available for purchase, which also help to fund local screenings. So far, nearly 11 mammograms have been sponsored in Charlotte.






  • Wednesday, October 24, 2012
    07:00 pm - 09:30 pm