Parties, Team Building, Fundraisers

Cajun Canvas is the perfect place to hold a group activity. We provide all of the supplies, you follow simple instruction to complete A Painting By You!

No experience is necessary; it is a perfect event that everyone can participate in.

We take care of the details so that your time here is fun and relaxing. Painting is a great stress reliever, and students will come away with a sense of accomplishment.

  • Parties
    • Church Groups
    • Adult Birthday Party
    • Social Groups
    • Get together with Moms, Groups, friends, or coworkers
  • Team Building
  • FUNdraisers

How it works…

  1. Before the event, we partner with you to work out all of The Details.
  2. On the day of your event, your group will arrive at the appointed time and will get prepared to paint.
  3. Everyone starts with a blank canvas. The artist will give simple instructions that the students follow to complete a painting, which is theirs to keep.
  4. We can tailor the event to your needs. Refreshments can be enjoyed, announcements can be made, awards can be presented, etc. We are very flexible.

The Details…

  1. Choose the type of event from the list below.
  2. A private event will have choice of painting for the group to receive instructions on.
  3. The painting portion of the event lasts approximately 3 hours. The entire event can last up to 4 hours.
  4. Decide what you want to include during the event, and when you would like it executed. ex. Speech, Presentations, Announcements, Awards, Toasts, etc.
  5. You are welcome to bring in your own food and beverages.
    You are also welcome to bring in wine, beer, and any non-alcoholic beverages to enjoy during your event, no liquor please.
    For private events, we can set up our tables to accommodate your refreshments.
  6. We can currently accommodate up to 50 people.
  7. Current Group and Private Party Rates are available by calling or sending us an email.
    704-504-5224  /
  8. Reserving, and arranging the details of your event is just a phone call away.

Types of Events


Having a party at CAJUN CANVAS is a unique way for any group of people to relax and share in a common experience. Painting is fun and calming, it seems to help enhance communication. It is interesting to see how others in the class approach the process of creating and finishing their art work. So whatever the group of people you are getting together, for whatever occasion, we are here to make your party stress free and fun, so you can enjoy it.

Team Building Sessions

We will work with you to tailor your time at CAJUN CANVAS to best suit your needs. We currently have two different types of team building sessions available to choose from.

  1. Straight Paint-Everyone is equipped with a complete painting set-up and starts with a blank canvas. The artist is at the head of the class giving step-by-step instructions designed for all skill levels. At the end of the class each student will have a completed painting to take home. This event is calming and relaxing. Painters can put their own personal twist on their paintings. It encourages individual expression.
  2. Random Canvas Swap Painting Each student is equipped with a complete painting set-up. Instruction begins, and everyone paints on the canvas in front of them… every 5-15 minutes participants will switch seats at random with another painter, picking up where the previous person left off. Painters will take home the painting they finished on. This event will challenge the participants to pick up mid project, consider someone else’s work, evaluate how to proceed and continue towards a finished piece. Will they put their own spin on the piece, or will they continue with the vision and direction of the previous person?


Cajun Canvas is happy to support your school, group, or organization. Let us help you hold a fundraiser. Whether you have an idea to propose or you would like us to make a suggestion, we can help. If you hold a fundraising party at our studio, Cajun Canvas would donate a portion of the proceeds from the party to your organization. You could bring in additional items to hold a silent auction during the party. If someone in your organization knows a local celebrity, we can arrange a time for them to come into Cajun Canvas and complete a painting that can be auctioned off during your event. We are flexible and are here to help. Contact us today with your ideas.

Team Building Testimonials

When I looked for a team building exercise this year, I wanted an activity that was fun, relieved employee stress, and strengthened our team bond. I found out about Cajun Canvas through an advertisement. In preparation for the event, I selected 10 paintings that were available to paint during the class and each week the team would vote on their favorite painting until we had our top selection. It was not until the day of the event that the team realized they were going to actually paint the picture they had selected. Immediately, this was somewhat intimidating since nobody classified themselves as an artist. However, Karen did a wonderful job leading the class and reassured everyone they would have a masterpiece. She was also very helpful and accommodating in the planning. The event was a huge success for my team.
Frances Manning

“This was a great activity and Karen is a fantastic teacher! I enjoyed this more than any other team-building activity I’ve ever done. Not only do you discover that you actually CAN paint the picture, but it truly takes your mind away from anything else. What a fun way to relieve stress!”
Becky Huffman

“It was a wonderful experience. Once you started, everyone there was working together but focused on creating their own personal masterpiece. The amazing thing, everyone did.”
Wade Brown

“This is one of the best team building events that I have been a part of. Even if you don’t know how to paint, Karen walks you through every step and within a couple of hours I painted a picture that I could actually hang on my wall. That’s saying a lot for me! The class made you forget about the stress of everyday life and just focus on the moment. An award was to be given at the end of the class for the best painting, but everyone was so proud of themselves, it was decided no award was necessary, everyone was a winner and received a first place ribbon.”
Debbie McRary