Kids With Canvas – Fundraising Event


 Kids With Canvas – Fundraising Event


Saturday 5th April, 2014, at Cajun Canvas,  11116 South Tryon St., Suite B, Charlotte, North Carolina 28273 ,  11am – 3pm.

“Kids With Canvas” will be the first official fundraising event in 2014 for The Black Girls’ Corner, Inc.™. This organization has partnered with Step Toward Awareness, of Texas and Cajun Canvas in Charlotte, to produce this amazing event. This event will be an Art Exhibit, featuring art work produced by the Debutantes of this organization, with each piece of Art Work being up for sale.

This event will not only showcase the achievements of this organization, it will also highlight the importance of community service and the positive influence this type of service has on our kids. Vickie L. Hughes, J.D., M.A.., Founder of The Black Girls’ Corner, Inc.™, is a shining example of this type of community service/leadership.

It is our pleasure to invite you to attend and cover this event.

Location: 11116 South Tryon Street, Suite B, Charlotte, North Carolina, 282773.

Time: 11am – 3pm

Contact: Alicia or Nadia (866-990-7740)

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